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Car Clean Services


If you're looking for a very simple low cost tidy up, a simple wash and vacume only and tyres shined, this is for you. If you want to wait for it, we can issue you with a coffee coupon for across the street at Black Market Bagels while we do your car.


If you're looking for a general clean inside and out of your vehicle, this details could be for you. it consists of an outside hand wash, door james flushed, cacuum all the way through into boot, blown out, a full plastics wipe down for any dust, general marks, windows cleaned in and out, tyres shined. Need to be booked in, can issue a coffee coupon for Black Market Bagels across the street if you want to wait for your car.


This detail consists of all factors of the standard valet detail but is fully prepped down to remove all tar and then get a full hand polish for an extra cost involved.


If you're looking for a full thorough clean the mini detail is the answer. It consists of hand wash, all door jams, fuel flap, boot/tailgate jams degreased and flushed, the engine bay gets that as well as all rubber and plastic items get armour all to look like new wheel aches degreased, cleaned up and painted in 2 shades of black, custom choice; full interior chemical scrub and shampoo of seats and carpets, the boot is scrubbed top to bottom, full prep down and hand polish, windows and tyres.


This detail consists of all factors that the Mini Detail does except the vehicle is hoisted and the entire underbody is degreased and cleaned. With all of our packages that include a polish, if the veichle needs to be buffed we will inform you before starting job as due to extra work for buffing extra costs are involved. We can pick up and drop off vehicles or offer lifts and pick ups free of charge.


If you take pride in your home away from home, our truck washing service could be for you. We offer a variety of services from straight hand wash and degrease scrub, up to a show truck wash, which includes a cab polish and polishing all alloy. From small rigid truck up to prime movers. We are fully insured and two team members are licensed for driving these vehicles. We can either give you a lift or pick the truck up from you. Due to size and time required for these jobs we recommend booking in advance.